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Kayla Scutti

Kayla Scutti lives in Houston, TX where she resides with her husband and two beautiful children. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. In her free time, she likes to read, explore with her family, watch and re-watch TV shows and movies, and spend time outdoors. Hiking and camping are some of her favorite things, but she doesn't get to do them as often as she'd like. Kayla has been a writer since the age of six. She has always used writing as a tool to express how she feels and to entertain others. This writing journey didn't come easy to her. It took a lot of work, determination, and grit, all of which she will use to further the work of those who choose and trust Arbuckle Publishing House.


Kayla's Library

There’s Nothing Like a Good Book


Diamonds Out of Dust


Diamonds Out of Dust: Special Edition




Faithless: Special Edition


The Scars of Life